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Refrigeration Appliances

Fridge freezers have become indispensable in today's homes, which is why Howards Appliance World offers a wide variety of options to cater to your needs. The space you have and where you'd like to place your fridge freezer will help determine your ideal choice. We have integrated models that blend seamlessly into your kitchen setup, concealed behind cabinet doors. Whether you fancy the large, statement-making American-style models or prefer the unobtrusive, compact under-the-counter versions, we have something to fit every space and style. If you're someone who enjoys a cold glass of water, our fridge freezers with water dispensers are a hit. No matter your preference, our impressive range ensures you find the perfect match for your needs.

American Fridge Freezers

Our American-style models are typically freestanding and offer generous storage for both your refrigerated and frozen items. Perfect for bigger families, these models can store massive amounts of groceries. With widths from 70cm to slightly over 91cm, they are spacious with organized compartments for even the most extensive shopping trips. Designed to make a statement, select a model that complements your existing kitchen appliances for a coordinated look. If you want it to be the centerpiece, choose a contrasting color. Features like water and ice dispensers make these models a favorite, especially when hosting.

Under-Counter Fridge Freezers

For those who need a more space-efficient design, our under-the-counter fridge freezers are an excellent choice. These slim models don't compromise on cooling and freezing power but fit conveniently under kitchen counters or even in corners of your conservatory or hobby room. If you favor a minimalist kitchen, these units can be discreetly tucked away, ensuring your kitchen remains streamlined.

Integrated Fridge Freezers

Optimize your fitted kitchen's space with our integrated fridge freezers. Standardly sized at 54cm wide, they're tailored to fit seamlessly in any kitchen. Our brand offerings include the likes of Beko, LG, and Samsung. Beko models come in varied colors and dimensions. We carry LG units with the innovative InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature, which lets you peek inside without letting cold air escape, maintaining food freshness. Also equipped with external ice dispensers, they're quite spacious. The Samsung variants available are frost-free, come in various sizes, and also have external ice dispensers.

Space-Saving Fridge Freezers

Space constraints? Howards Appliance World has got you covered. Focus on dimensions, features, and aesthetics while perusing our appliance buying guide. This will provide insights into the appliance's attributes and help determine the right size for you. Our slimline fridge freezers are fantastic for tighter spaces, ensuring you don't compromise on functionality. Consider the Bosch fridge freezers; they’re versatile, available in white, stainless steel, and silver, and they complement any kitchen, whether traditional or ultra-modern.