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Revamped your kitchen recently? Maintain its impeccable look even during culinary adventures with our curated collection of splashbacks. These are purposefully crafted to protect the wall behind your cooking range from splatters and residues. With our varied designs, find one that seamlessly complements your kitchen's aesthetic.

Navigating through hob options? If you prioritize efficiency, consider the induction hob. Housing coils beneath their surfaces, these hobs generate an electrical current. Remarkably, they remain cold until a pan is placed, ensuring energy conservation. They bear a resemblance to electric hobs – and if you're leaning that way, our collection won't disappoint. Whether you're captivated by the sleekness of a stainless-steel solid plate or favor the ceramic hobs, we've got you covered. Some even come with safety auto-shutoff features, providing peace of mind for those forgetful moments.

Regardless of your hob selection, enhance your cooking experience with a cooker hood, adept at eliminating steam and odors. Our range includes diverse designs from esteemed brands like Bush, Candy, and Hoover.

In the market for a new oven? If you often find yourself cooking for many or embarking on extensive baking sessions, a range cooker is your ally. There's no juggling with baking trays or compromises on space! Explore our assortment of electric cookers to find the perfect fit, whether you're contemplating a spacious range or a freestanding cooker that integrates effortlessly between your cabinets.