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If you're someone who enjoys whipping up a quick meal, like a warm bowl of soup or a zesty stir-fry, we have the ideal hob for you. On the other hand, if you consider yourself a kitchen connoisseur seeking a hob that matches your fiery passion, look no further. Our collection boasts a myriad of impressive gas and electric hobs across various designs, sizes, and fuel types. Whether you lean towards the versatility of freestanding cookers or the stability of built-in hobs, you'll undoubtedly discover the perfect match. Get ready to sear, steam, sizzle, and simmer every dish to sheer perfection.

Gas Hobs

For those in pursuit of a swift and adaptable solution, our gas hobs are a prime choice. They offer immediate ignition, effortless flame regulation, and uniform heat distribution. It's no surprise they rank amongst the top choices in many households. Opt for our traditional 4-hob models or elevate your cooking with a 5th burner, making it a breeze to accommodate larger cookware, ensuring that stir-fry is prepared in a jiffy.

Electric Hobs

For aficionados of the sleek and contemporary, our electric hobs seamlessly align with your aesthetic. You can choose a frame-less design with intuitive touch controls, ensuring a flawless transition from worktop to hob. If you're inclined towards a more prominent appearance, explore our framed electric hobs, equipped with knobs for straightforward heat management and a chic finish. Their maintenance is a breeze, underscoring their appeal.

Ceramic Hobs

These hobs employ electricity to warm up a glass platform, subsequently transmitting that warmth to your cookware. Notably, they radiate a red hue when heated, signaling their temperature status. They stand out as an ideal choice for households with young ones, courtesy of their electricity-powered nature, eliminating gas leak concerns. Their flat design facilitates effortless cleaning - a swift wipe and you're greeted by a pristine surface.

Induction Hobs

Championing environmental consciousness and peak energy efficiency, induction hobs are revolutionary. They uniquely activate upon detecting specialized magnetic pans, ensuring zero heat wastage. This targeted heating also enhances safety. Their advanced touch controls offer precision, catering to an array of cooking needs – be it boiling, simmering, melting, or merely keeping the dish warm. Browse our expansive range cookers to unearth gas and induction variants that are budget-friendly.

Solid Plate

For those embarking on independent living and still discovering their culinary preferences, our robust solid plate hobs serve as an economical and reliable introduction. Renowned for their resilience, they promise longevity. If your cooking space is compact and lacks adequate ventilation, our cooker hoods guarantee a smoke-free environment while curbing potent odors. For the experimentalists who love to delve into diverse cuisines, our splashbacks emerge as the perfect shield, safeguarding your countertops from any culinary mishaps.