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Built In 45cm Dishwashers

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Built In 45cm Dishwashers / Slimline Dishwashers

Howards Appliance World's slimline dishwashers ensure pristine plates without occupying much room.

Discover a suitable slimline dishwasher at Howards Appliance World. Choose from our array of integrated or built-in dishwashers that merge effortlessly with your kitchen decor, or opt for a freestanding unit for flexible placement. Each comes equipped with beneficial features such as 30-minute quick washes, delay start, and a dedication to energy efficiency to assist in reducing your energy expenses.

Discover the ideal dishwasher for impeccable dishes

Howards Appliance World offers a diverse selection of dishwashers in varying sizes, ensuring you find the perfect match. Whether you're in the market for a slimline or a full-size dishwasher, our expansive collection awaits your perusal. If space is a concern, consider our array of countertop dishwashers. Compact in design, they possess the capability to render your dishes immaculately clean.

Bosch dishwashers simplify post-meal cleaning, with select models boasting both washing and drying functionalities, eliminating the need for manual drying. Delve into our assortment of Beko dishwashers, designed with time-efficient programs and advanced technology to ease the chore of dishwashing. Additionally, our catalog includes esteemed brands such as NEFF, Miele, and Hisense, ensuring a fit tailored to both your kitchen aesthetic and requirements.

Each model is enhanced with a myriad of effective washing cycles that optimize water consumption in smaller loads, expedite washing, provide auto-programming, and guarantee an intensive clean. Beneficial features such as open door drying, Wi-Fi control, and specialized cycles for glassware elevate the user experience.

Measurement Guide

Considering a new dishwasher? Let our dishwasher measurement guide assist you in accurate sizing for an impeccable fit. If you're leaning towards an integrated model, measurements of the height, width, and depth of its designated cabinet are crucial. For replacements, simply replicate the dimensions of your previous unit.

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Explore the perfect built-in dishwasher for flawless dish cleaning. At Howards Appliance World, our extensive collection of integrated dishwashers in various sizes guarantees you'll find a match. Regardless of whether you have limited kitchen space or a penchant for utilizing a myriad of utensils in one cooking session, we have the built-in dishwasher to ensure a spotless outcome.