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Freestanding Cooker

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Freestanding Cookers

The centerpiece of any kitchen is undeniably the cooker. Freestanding cookers effortlessly combine the hob, grill, and oven, offering a myriad of culinary opportunities in one unit. This makes choosing one a meticulous task, especially with the varied fuel options – from gas to electric, dual fuel, and hob surfaces like ceramic and sealed plate. Sizes also vary, ranging from under 50cm to expansive range cookers exceeding one meter in width.

Gas cookers, particularly their hobs, have been the quintessential pick for both seasoned chefs and cooking enthusiasts. They exude a timeless stove aesthetic and facilitate precise heat control. The instant ignition of a gas hob flame provides immediate heat, and it cools down just as promptly when turned off.

In contrast, electric cookers offer a sleek, easily maintainable surface that safely supports your cookware. The electric oven, in comparison to gas, warms up more swiftly and offers a drier, more uniformly spread heat – ideal for baking and roasting a variety of dishes.

For those desiring a combination of both, a dual fuel cooker could be the perfect choice. It combines the baking and roasting advantages of electric ovens with the precision and traditional appeal of gas hobs. Moreover, dual fuel cookers come in diverse dimensions, ensuring there's always a perfect fit for every kitchen.

Considering a kitchen makeover? A built-in oven can be a strategic choice, enabling you to customize your kitchen's layout for maximum efficiency. To complement, consider integrating matching kitchen accessories, like a sleek chrome cooker hood and splashback.

For those blessed with ample kitchen space, range cookers can instill a charming, countryside ambiance. Their installation is straightforward since they adhere to standard widths between 90cm and 110cm. Their designs span from classic to cutting-edge modern aesthetics, available in electric, gas, and dual fuel variants. Electric models further diversify with hob options ranging from ceramic to induction. Brands like Belling and Rangemaster are esteemed choices for range cookers, and their gas and electric variants are notably favored.