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Refrigeration Buying Guide

Refrigeration Buying Guide

Refrigeration Buying Guide

A guide to buying refrigeration appliances - fridges, freezers, fridge freezers, American fridge freezers, and wine coolers.

Choosing the right fridge or freezer is important to keep your food fresh and bacteria-free, which not only saves money but also keeps your family healthy. Whether you're looking for a combined fridge freezer or two separate large appliances, it's essential to know what to look for.

Types of refrigeration appliances include:

  • Fridge: used to keep fresh food chilled and preserved
  • Freezer: preserves food by freezing it at low temperatures
  • Fridge freezer: includes both a fridge and a freezer section
  • American fridge freezer: larger than a standard fridge freezer, often side-by-side, with a water dispenser on the front
  • Chest freezer: a high-capacity freezer with a lid that opens from the top
  • Wine cooler: a specific refrigerator for wine and other bottled beverages

When choosing the correct size fridge, freezer, fridge freezer, or American fridge freezer for your home, consider the space available and ensure 5mm width is reserved for ventilation to prevent overheating. Capacity is measured in litres, and a shopping bag can hold around 18 litres.

Additional features include:

  • Bottle storage or wine racks
  • Salad crisper to maintain fruit and vegetable freshness
  • Water dispenser
  • Dairy and egg compartments
  • Food preservation features such as Blue Light technology and Fast Chill setting

Choose a fit type:

  • Integrated: hidden within cupboards for a tidier looking kitchen
  • Freestanding: placed wherever you want within your kitchen
  • Undercounter: slotted under a counter to maximise space

Consider a frost-free model to eliminate the chore of defrosting.

Choose the split type based on the amount of fresh and frozen food you store. If you prefer mostly fresh food, choose a larger fridge-freezer ratio (70/30 or 60/40 split). If you store a lot of frozen food, opt for an equal fridge-freezer split (50/50).

Split Fidge Freezer 

All new refrigeration appliances must have an energy label showing its energy rating, so consider this when making your choice.